December 12, 2022

What's Wrong With My Garage Door? [Garage Troubleshooting Guide]

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Olivia Hoj

What's Wrong With My Garage Door? [Garage Troubleshooting Guide]

Are you experiencing dreaded garage door issues? Then, you’re in the right place! This article will help walk you through some of the most common garage door issues. Whatever garage problem you’re experiencing, you need a quick, simple solution to get your garage functioning properly. Discover these simple solutions and save time, money, and stress!

Common Problems Index

  1. Garage won’t open 
  2. Garage only opens or closes partially
  3. Garage opens and closes very slowly
  4. Garage opens unevenly
  5. Garage is making loud noises

1. Garage Won’t Open

There are several reasons why your garage may not be opening. Let’s walk through a few scenarios to help you navigate what might be going on.

Is your garage door plugged in? Near your garage motor is a receptacle you can check. First, make sure it is plugged in properly. It is not uncommon for the plug to become loose or dislodged. In this case, firmly insert the plug again. If it appears that the receptacle is properly plugged in, but there is still no power, you may have an issue with your circuit. Check your breaker box to ensure that your garage door circuit receives adequate power.

Is your garage “locked”? Another area to check is your garage receptacle on the wall. Several modern garage systems have a “lock” button on this unit. If this button is activated, you will not be able to open your garage door with your remote. If this appears to be the issue, “unlock” the system and proceed with regular use.

Is your garage remote out of batteries? This may seem like an obvious question, but you’d be surprised at how many people experience this problem. You should replace your garage door remote batteries every 1-2 years, depending on your use. Ensure you always have the correct replacement batteries on hand.

If you are still experiencing issues opening your garage door, it may be time to repair your springs. You can check if this is the issue by using the emergency garage door open rope and gently attempting to glide the garage door open or close. If you feel any resistance, stop right away. Do not force the door open. This is a sign that you have an issue with your garage springs, which is a problem that needs professional attention.

Garage door springs should last for several years. However, you will eventually need to replace them. Remember, you should never attempt to replace your garage door springs on your own. This can be extremely dangerous. Instead, you should always contact a professional to take care of any spring problems you may be experiencing.

The video below may be a helpful tool in walking you through these potential garage door fixes.

2. Garage Only Opens or Closes Partially

Is your garage door only opening partially? You may have an issue with the alignment of your photo eyes which is one of the most important aspects of a garage door system. Photo eyes sit on either side of the garage near the ground. These eyes shoot an invisible beam between them, and when an object is in the way, this beam will notice a break and prevent proper opening and closing. If you’re experiencing an issue with the photo eyes, the garage opener light may flash or make clicking noises.

To fix this, first ensure that there are no objects in the way of the garage. An object blocking the beam between the photo eyes will cause the garage door not to function correctly. If there is an object blocking the garage path, remove it and make sure to keep other objects out of the path.

Second, check your photo eye alignment. This video will help walk you through the process.

3. Garage is Making Loud Noises

If your garage is making loud, unpleasant noises, you may have neglected proper lubrication of the moving parts. You should lubricate the moving parts of your garage door frequently to help the equipment operate smoothly and promote longevity. Prepare for lubrication by using an old toothbrush and a soft lint-free rag to clean any grime or debris out of the garage door tracks. Our garage door experts recommend using a white lithium spray for proper lubrication. While products like the basic WD-40 may do the trick temporarily, the lubricant will dry out sooner and will not last as long as white lithium spray. White lithium spray doesn’t dry out and is longer-lasting. We recommend spraying lubricant on the moving parts of your garage door system 2-4 times per year. Click here to purchase our preferred lubricant.

4. Garage Opens Unevenly

Is your garage door opening unevenly where you have one side higher than the other? That is a sign of unbalanced springs. If you have springs with too little or too much tension, it will result in an unbalanced garage door. Remember, NEVER attempt to fix any issues with garage springs on your own. Call your trusted garage door professionals and set up an appointment for them to view and adjust your garage springs.

5. Garage Opens and Closes Slowly

If your garage door is opening and closing slowly, begin by grabbing a ladder and checking your garage door operator. Open the panel to check the speed of the operator. Most new garage doors come set at the lowest speed. If this is the case and you are looking to adjust the speed, you will need a flat head screwdriver to do that. After performing any adjustments, check to see if your garage is operating at a faster speed. 

If the speed setting does not appear to be causing the issue, follow the previous steps we discussed to properly clean and lubricate any moving parts in your garage system. The moving parts of your garage need to be adequately cleaned and lubricated to operate at optimal speeds.


We hope this article provides you with the simple solutions you need to get things working so you can get back on the road. However, if you still have problems, it’s time to reach out to a trusted garage door expert.

Remember, there are some garage issues that you should NEVER attempt to fix on your own. Never attempt to replace a spring or a cable on your own. That is extremely dangerous and should only be done by professionals.

Conduct research online to find a garage door company near you. You can rely on reviews and others’ experiences, but ultimately, speak with a company representative to see if they are a good fit. Thousands have trusted our experts at Monarch Door for over 30 years. Call us today if you need any assistance with your garage door repair.

A little about us: We've been selling, installing, and servicing garage doors in Utah for over 30 years. Our experts have the experience needed to provide you with exceptional products and services. Whether you need a new garage door or service on your current door, we are here to assist you. We have the experience to fix any of your garage door issues and the expertise to get you the garage you've been searching for. Contact us here.

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