December 12, 2022

Top 10 Items Every Garage Owner Needs

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Jeremy Barth

Top 10 Items Every Garage Owner Needs


When you think of what goes in a garage, you probably think of cars, bikes, and garden tools. 

On top of storing those, your garage can be a great place to store many things like seasonal decorations, gardening supplies, sports equipment, and much more. What you store is up to you, but there are items every owner should consider having on hand in their garage. We compiled a list of tools that will transform your garage into a more useful and organized space for your home.


First on our list is ladders. Every home needs a ladder. They are one of the best investments a homeowner can make because they provide stability and safety in otherwise dangerous home improvement projects.

Getting a good, sturdy ladder will help prevent injury and ensure you can take on a number of renovations that could not be addressed otherwise. Ladders are especially handy for tasks you do outside of your home. With a ladder, you never have to wonder about the state of your gutters and roof.

Inside your home, ladders can make simple tasks like painting a room or changing a light bulb much easier. Bring any project within reach with a ladder.

Motion Sensor Lights

You don't need to settle when it comes to lighting your garage. Quality lighting instantly transforms your garage from dark and dreary to bright and inviting. We suggest installing a quality motion sensor light. These lights add both convenience and security to your home. Instead of fumbling for light switches, the lights will automatically turn on as you enter. These lights discourage break-ins as thieves are less likely to enter or stay in a bright garage where their every action can be seen.

Optimal placement of a motion sensor light in your garage is key. Placing it on the ceiling maximizes its detection zone. If done correctly, the light should detect your movement and turn on regardless of where you are and where you entered. Motion sensor lights can be attached to your garage ceiling, the front of your garage, or a freestanding place in your yard. The automated feature will ensure you never leave the lights on again. LED bulbs are recommended over fluorescent or halogen bulbs because they are durable, energy-efficient, and stay cool to the touch.

A motion sensor mounted on a wall.

Slatwall Panels

Slat wall panels are an excellent solution for organizing your garage. They display your items in a simple fashion that allows you to access them easily. They hold between 12 and 50 lbs of weight per bracket. They have a sturdy interlocking design made from 90-degree recycled material and their PVC construction makes them lightweight and durable while still being resistant to moisture. They can withstand heavy weight and can last for years to come.

Slat wall panels are extremely versatile. You can customize them to fit your space and storage needs. They help organize large items and small items like nuts, bolts, and screws. Slat wall shelves can hold paint cans or tools. Hanging baskets are good for storing plants, small objects, and wet items that need ventilation to dry. To organize a wide range of items, hang a toolbar on the Slat wall.

Whether you want to organize small items or make a place for sports equipment, you will find Slat wall panels useful. They are stylish options that customize and organize your garage. Slat walls are a must-have item for the modern garage. Consider doing an online search to see some great examples of garages with Slat walls.

Mobile Floor Rack

Ever wonder how to keep all your loose nuts, bolts, screws, hooks, and other small items organized? An easy solution is using a mobile floor rack. It can move to wherever you are working, it gives easy access to all your small items, and can store large tools on the bottom. They have a strong steel construction which makes them incredibly durable.

They can store much of anything due to the different bin sizes available. Having them on a mobile floor rack, like this one from harbor freight, will let you move them close to whatever project you may be undertaking in your garage. These racks serve as a convenient holder for any power tools or needed equipment for your projects to go smoothly.


One of the most important garage tools is a workbench so take the time to determine which workbench is right for you. Whether you do woodwork, metalwork, or other kinds of work, you do not want to get a cheap workbench. You deserve a sturdy workspace for your projects that will help rather than hinder you.

A quality workbench will improve the function of your workspace and the entire feel of your garage. It can also save you from damaging other equipment or the floor in your garage.

There are several types of workbenches and you can decide on the one that suits you best. You can find high-quality workbenches at affordable prices through your local marketplaces.

A good workbench should have one or two shelves below its working surface. If you still need space for larger tools and equipment, you can purchase a conventional tool chest to complement your setup.

Power Strip

Power strips ensure that you always have enough outlets. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the workbench itself. You can't go wrong by purchasing a quality power strip.

Tool Cabinet

Stop losing tools and digging through overfilled tool bags. You do not need to embark on a scavenger hunt every time you need a tool. Prevent this by investing in a nice tool cabinet to house and organize all of your tools.

In addition to organization, a toolbox looks better than most alternatives. Their sleek design looks great with any garage style and they come in nearly every color. Generally, they have wheels and can be moved from one location to another without much effort.

Your tools are not cheap and they deserve to be protected. A toolbox adds a significant layer of security that keeps your tools from going missing.

A man getting a wrench out of a toolbox.


Nitro Tiles

If you want your garage floor to look sleek and clean, consider buying Nitro Tiles. These durable, impact-resistant tiles are easy to maintain and will protect your floor from staining. The top texture can be one of three styles: diamond-plate, coin-top, and vented. You can choose the style and color that best complements your garage.

These tiles have patterns to prevent slipping, are UV-resistant, and can be installed without any tools. Additionally, many of these tiles come with a warranty.

Not a fan of nitro tiles? No problem. Another similar option is a roll-out floor covering. You can find these tiles in stock or custom-cut rolls. They generally don’t look as sleek as nitro tiles but have many of the same benefits at a more affordable price.

Retractable Extension Cord Reel

The last item on our list is a retractable extension cord reel. A standard extension cord is excellent at getting power to hard-to-reach areas but has some downsides.

Since they run along the ground, a standard extension cord can get in the way and are susceptible to damage. They need to be coiled properly to avoid damage and disorganization. This is where retractable cord reels can help. They are available in multiple sizes and can easily attach to any wall or ceiling. Elevating the cord makes it easy to see, keeps it out of your way, and protects it from damage.

You can easily pull the cord out when needed. When finished, it retracts back into the closed container which winds it up perfectly every time.

Ensure that you have power where you need it and when you need it with a retractable extension cord.


Garage Door Security

Now that you have all these fantastic new additions to your garage, the best thing you can get to protect them is a new garage door. Capable of being customized to your needs, there is a perfect garage door for every house.

Garage doors are one of the most overlooked areas of garage renovations. A garage door can transform your space inside and out. If you want more natural lighting, there are many glass door options available. If you have other needs or design options in mind custom creations are easily manufactured as well.

A new garage door can increase the value of your home by up to 4% of your total home value. Check out this article to learn more.

Monarch Door specializes in providing Utah's finest luxury garage doors. Let us help you upgrade your garage and your home. Improve your home’s curb appeal and usability at the same time.

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Front yard of a custom mountain home at dusk.

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