December 12, 2022

5 Simple Garage Security Tips

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Olivia Hoj

5 Simple Garage Security Tips

Your garage may include thousands of dollars in valuables, not to mention access to your home. Unfortunately, recent statistics show that about 2.5 million burglaries happen annually, with 66% being home break-ins. We don't want to highlight this to scare you but emphasize the importance of ensuring your garage is secure. So let's dive into five things you can do to make your garage safer and decrease your susceptibility to a garage break-in.

Check out these five simple garage security tips:

Article Index

  1. Update Your Garage Opener System
  2. Consider a Window Tint
  3. Change Your Garage Code Frequently
  4. Improve Exterior Garage Lighting
  5. Consider Adding Security Cameras


Update Your Garage Opener System

If you have had the same garage opener system for years, it may be time for an upgrade. Recent technological advancements have led to more secure garage systems that aren't as susceptible to a burglar's attempts to retrieve the garage code. 


Newer systems are also less likely to have errors in the system that can lead to unwanted garage openings. If you are unsure whether your system is up to date, contact a trusted local garage door repair company for advice.


Smartphone apps like LiftMaster's MyQ Technology will alert you whenever your garage is opened and allow you to close or open your garage remotely from anywhere. Consider upgrading to a system with additional features like this for an extra measure of safety.


Consider a Window Tint

Windows on a garage door are a beautiful addition. However, they also allow an outsider to view the contents of your garage. To prevent the view of your garage, consider tinted windows. Window tints will give you the same dreamy look you desire without the added risk. 


Another benefit to window tints is that they prevent the garage from heating up as much on a hot day. There are a few DIY options you could consider if you are looking to tint your windows on a budget. Your trusted garage specialist can also help to provide professional window tinting services. While this option may be a bit more costly, you can guarantee that the job is done correctly.


Change Your Garage Code Frequently

Are you guilty of having the same garage code since 2002? The same garage code you've given to several neighbors over the years? You should definitely update your garage code. Like any other password, frequently changing it will help prevent unwanted access. 


If you do have to give your garage code to an individual who does not live in the home, you should change the code after they no longer need access. Consider codes that are not easily guessed. Avoid common sequences like 1234 or the street address of your house. Your garage code should be unique and challenging to guess.


Improve Exterior Garage Lighting

Another element of garage security to consider is your exterior lighting. If your garage area is completely dark at night, burglars are more likely to consider breaking in since they will not be easily detected by people passing by on the street. Adding additional exterior garage lighting will help to light up the area and discourage break-ins. 


Motion sensor lighting is another avenue to consider because it will alarm anyone who walks in the area.

Consider Adding Security Cameras

Ultimately, security cameras and other similar systems can provide peace of mind. Modern security systems allow you to have access from your smartphone, no matter where you are located. 


If you are away from your home and detect an unwanted visitor, you can contact authorities or police to address the situation. If a break-in occurs and you are too late to prevent it, you will have the video footage you need to identify and pursue the burglar.  



Hopefully, this article emphasizes the importance of garage security and provides you with the valuable information you can do to secure your garage and home better. 


At Monarch Door we have been installing highly secure garage doors for years. If you would like to speak to a professional reach out today!

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