December 12, 2022

Modern Farmhouse Garage Inspiration [2022 Farmhouse Garage Trends]

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Olivia Hoj

Modern Farmhouse Garage Inspiration [2022 Farmhouse Garage Trends]

Modern farmhouse style homes are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. Farmhouse style homes are rustic, warm, functional, and perfect for families. The simplistic style leaves room for personalized decor and naturally brings people together. 

When you picture the modern farmhouse style, you may imagine open living spaces, functional kitchens, large porches, neutral colors, and exposed wood. Standard features of farmhouse-style homes are:


  • Simple, rectangular or square floor plans
  • One or two stories high
  • Practical, straightforward design
  • Natural building materials like wood and stone
  • Ample outdoor space
  • Large functional porches
  • Pitched roofs with dormers


  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Large, formal front rooms 
  • Modestly-sized bedrooms and bathrooms 
  • Extra-large kitchen
  • Open attic

Did we just describe your dream home? You will need the perfect garage door to complement your home if you’re set on creating the modern farmhouse of your dreams. Your garage door is an essential element to your home and can elevate your farmhouse style and complete your home. Let’s discuss a few considerations when choosing a farmhouse style garage door. 

Modern Farmhouse Garage Elements Guide

  1. Stick with Neutrals 
  2. Consider Wood Doors
  3. Draw Inspiration from Barn Doors
  4. Consider Glass Panels
  5. Get Expert Advice & Design


Stick with Neutrals

Modern farmhouse homes typically incorporate plenty of light colors to keep the space open and airy. Neutral colors include white, gray, beige, cream, taupe, brown, and black. If the exterior of your home is a lighter color, consider including white and black elements in your garage door. White garage doors with black accents can break up the white but still mesh well with the exterior of your home. On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold, black garage doors can be a statement and provide a distinct contrast.



Consider Wood Doors

Modern farmhouse homes often incorporate plenty of light-colored wood to keep an open and warm feel to the house. Light wood doors could be the perfect touch for your home. However, it's essential to keep in mind that the maintenance on a wood garage door will differ from other materials. If you do pursue a light wood door, keep in mind that wood doors in humid and wet environments will require more care to keep them from rotting. To clean a wood garage door, mix one-part dish soap with five-parts warm water and use a gentle rag to remove any unwanted dirt and debris from the door’s exterior.

If you love the idea of a wood garage door but not the headache of maintenance, consider a faux wood door. Several alternative options can provide you with the rustic wood you are looking for.

Draw Inspiration from Barn Doors

Barn garage doors, also known as “carriage-style” doors, can provide the rustic charm your home needs. Consider a few potential elements. First, a typical distinguishing feature of a barn door is the wood “X” that breaks up the door’s exterior. This small addition creates interest and detail and is a perfect addition to your farmhouse garage door. Second, consider the material you use. Barn doors often look rustic and weathered. Choosing the right stain and material can achieve this same look without using ancient materials. However you design your garage door, consider finding inspiration from barn doors. 


Consider Glass Panels

If you’re looking for a more modern style, consider a glass garage door. Glass garage doors can be a great option if you’re looking to avoid the maintenance associated with wood garage doors. These sleek doors with several separate glass panels can provide the perfect finishing touch to your home. If a full glass garage door isn’t quite the look you’re aiming for, consider incorporating several small glass windows near the top of your garage.

Get Expert Advice & Design

If you’ve spent hours browsing the web for garage door inspiration and are feeling overwhelmed by your options, simplify the process and reach out to professionals. Professional garage door companies can help walk you through the process and provide the expert advice and suggestions you need to find the right match. 

It’s crucial to find a trusted garage door company that fits you and your project. Utilize online reviews from Google and Yelp to discover other people’s experiences. Find a company that communicates promptly and prioritizes your needs. Don’t be hesitant to express your needs and timeline early on to ensure reasonable expectations for the project. 


We hope this article gives you the inspiration you need to find your perfect modern farmhouse garage door. If you are looking for a garage door company with over 30 years of experience, contact us at Monarch Door. Whether you need someone to create a design from scratch or if you already have the perfect door in mind to be recreated, we want to help you create your dream farmhouse garage door. 

A little about us: We've been selling, installing, and servicing garage doors in Utah for over 30 years. Our experts have the experience to provide you with exceptional products and services. Whether you need a new garage door or service on your current door, we are here to assist you. We have the experience to fix any of your garage door issues and the expertise to get you the garage you've been searching for. Contact us here.

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