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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Martin Door is a solution that brings top-quality garage doors to the intermountain region. Builders, contractors, and architects turn to Martin Door as their trusted source for every type of door they need.

Not only do they provide solutions for residential applications, but their commercial overhead doors have proven to be some of the best and most durable options on the market. Martin Door continues to be a leader, helping thousands of homeowners and business owners find the right door for their projects.

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A brown garage door by Martin Door.
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Materials that exceed expectations.

Martin Door uses top-quality materials to create solutions that last and out-perform any other supplier on the market. Transform your home with a safe and reliable door that will withstand the harsh elements and stand the test of time.

Martin Door makes its hardware out of high-grade steel, and its lift cables are thicker than the industry standard. Every detail matters when making your door with longevity in mind. Their attention to detail is truly unprecedented.


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