Amarr Garage Doors

Unique styles

A history of innovation.

Amarr has been a pioneer in garage door innovation since 1951. Their many design patents allow them to build unique, safe, and secure doors.

Amarr's focus on innovation helps them continually succeed in providing beautiful, functional, and one-of-a-kind doors.

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The Amarr logo overlaid on a photo of a house with a country French style Amarr garage door.
A house with white craftsman style Amarr garage doors.
Small improvements big results

Unique designs

Amarr's patents go beyond creating specialized and visually impressive designs. For example, their patented bottom safety bracket reduces the risk of hand and finger injuries.

The doors look great, function safely, and even include a quiet door operation option. The noise of steel garage doors can be reduced by up to 38% with Amarr's quiet door option. Enjoy a functional and beautiful door that is also quiet and safe.


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